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Central Plains Cranes, headquartered in Kansas City, is the Midwest's exclusive dealer for Benazzato and Vicario self-erecting tower cranes, and for Saez "city" tower cranes.
After many years in the home building and construction industry, we had encountered and used nearly every hoisting and material handling technique available.  The jobsite material handler of choice became the all-terrain forklift or telehandler.  Two jobsite situations, however, continued to hamper the use of most mechanical hoisting and material handling techniques -- a jobsite with impassable terrain, and one with tight boundaries.
Faced with these jobsite situations, we relied primarily on manual labor to handle a bulk of the jobsite material.  We then began to explore alternatives and discovered self-erecting tower cranes, a mainstay on European jobsites but quite new in the United States.  After extensive research, we began utilizing self-erecting tower cranes from Creative Lifting Services in Denver, Colorado.  Not only did these cranes perform superbly in our terrain-challenged and tight jobsites, they far outperformed any hoisting and material handling technique we had used to-date, site-challenged or otherwise.
Central Plains Cranes is the result of our firm belief that self-erecting tower cranes represent the next evolution in hoisting and material handling for the U.S. residential and commercial jobsite.
Why Benazzato, Vicario & Saez?
Our research took us to Denver-based Creative Lifting Services (CLS) where Will Webb, owner of CLS serves as distributor for North America for these manufacturers.  Mr. Webb, with his decades of crane and lifting-related experience, long ago envisioned the value these self-erecting tower cranes could have in the U.S. and described his quest to bring self-erectors to this market. 
A thriving market for self-erectors exists in Europe and, thus nearly all of the manufacturers of these cranes are European.  Crane specifications to function on a European jobsite, however, are quite different than those required to function in the U.S.  Mr. Webb, with U.S. specifications in hand, presented his vision and his specifications to many of the crane manufacturers.  He chose these manufacturers because they have quality products and were willing to discuss a U.S. version of their product.  Mr. Webb proceeded to spend years with each manufacturers' engineers to modify their cranes to function in the U.S. construction environment.
A product that can versatilely operate on 220/240v, single-phase power, that can be transported on the U.S. road system, and that can be delivered at a price point well below its few U.S. competitors was the result.
We are believers as well and, as a result, proudly offer these cranes to the Midwest.
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